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2019-08-24 22:44:52 UTC 2019-08-24 22:44 UTC

josh:  Hello again! I'm having a great weekend and I hope you are too.

I've crossed the 2 week mark since I completed radiation, and I seem to be on the up. Back at work last week -- a little tiring, but hopefully that will improve as I recover from the radiation. I got a spine MRI yesterday but haven't seen the results yet.

Worked on getting some more of the music studio stuff active recently -- much is still unplugged. I recorded another guitar riff that I never did anything with - it was maybe too aggressive for a lot of things, and I wasn't sure how it would relate to anything.

But when I think about pushing back on GBM, it doesn't seem too aggressive anymore :)

I've been timid about bravado when it comes to terminal brain cancer - not sure it helps and I've read about the futility of it. That said, it feels good to put some energy into guitar playing. Feel free to apply any context that seems appropriate - doesn't have to be brain cancer -- could be recovering from a bad relationship, or shyness, or I dunno, upcoming elections :)

Here's the song, which I can now call:

"I'll Be Taking My Brain Back"

download mp3 (original work, creative commons 2.5 license)

production notes: I recorded this last night, so I think it's the first post-cancer-diagnosis recording of me playing that I've posted (I've been posting post-diagnosis mixes of prediagnosis recordings).

I planned on using a real British kick drum, but it was too much work to get the recording equipment set back up around the drums right away, so this is a "virtual instrument" drum - I'm not a drummer anyway. I did manage to get some old German microphones cleaned up and working again. I used them for the guitar.

The acoustic guitar is real. It was made (and played) in Texas.

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