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2019-08-16 23:23:04 UTC 2019-08-16 23:23 UTC

josh:  Hello - happy Friday

I got another MRI earlier this week and got the results today. (The MRI was a week earlier than previously planned, so I could get on a clinical trial before the opening went away -- nevertheless, I decided to pass on the trial) Based on previous imaging, I was a little worried that there would be a bunch of new tumors since the last MRI, but there are still only three - yay!

It does look like all three are now active again and have grown some. I'm not planning to post the MRI pictures -- they're similar to the older ones, but bigger. The radiation is maybe also lighting up the MRI a little, so I might wait to do more posting until my next MRI.

The downside is that we're seeing that the radiation didn't stop anything in its tracks, like I was sort of hoping, but at least we don't see additional tumors.

I started a new treatment called "Optune":

I had tried Optune before, but couldn't pursue it because I wanted to participate in a clinical trial that wouldn't allow it. The trial didn't work (unless you count two new tumors as "working" I guess), so now I'll use this device and also move into a later stage chemo treatment called Avastin (an IV every two weeks, I think - I'll start tomorrow).

The doctors hesitate to use Avastin until you try other things, because using it will disqualify you from trying those other things -- but now there's no reason not to go for it. Even though it's sort of a one-way trip from a treatment perspective, I hear mostly good things about it.

The Optune device requires some devotion and extra work -- I'm a little bummed because I'm too lazy for that, but it's worth a try.

I have a headache that was getting worse for the last couple of weeks, but now seems to be getting better. My theory is that it was 100% caused by the radiation treatment and now things will get better for me each day. Based on the latest MRI, my doctor mentioned that some of the pain could be caused by the cancer getting bigger -- that's a bummer, but at least the pain is going down, not up, so that makes me think that a significant portion of it is coming from the last radiation treatment, so I'm looking forward to less pain in the near future.

(and whoever it is who's trying like crazy to break into my server - would you stop?)

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