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2019-08-1 19:54:00 UTC 2019-08-01 19:54 UTC

josh:  done with radiation (again)!

There were two treatments this time for different tumor areas, but the first was only one day - the second took place over six weeks. This bell rings for both. When you add them to the first six week treatment about 9 months ago, the total dosage is 138 Gray (60 last fall/winter, 18 on one day in mid June, and another 60 over the last 6 weeks..

I confess that I really don't know what that means. Also, I think it's important that each treatment was for a separate portion of the brain -- first the left temporal lobe, next dura in between the left and right parietal lobes, going into the left parietal, and the third in the right temporal lobe. I think the overlap of the three areas was minimal.

I'm kinda tired.

Tomorrow I'll visit a Phase 1 trial office and see what might be available. I'll post more soon.

Next MRI is Aug 21.

Have a great day!

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