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2019-07-7 20:58:34 UTC 2019-07-07 20:58 UTC

josh:  Hope you're having a great weekend - and if you're in the USA and celebrated Independence Day, maybe with a long weekend, hope that was fun.

This is just a check-in - I'm about two weeks into the new radiation therapy plan for the right temporal lobe area. After a few sessions, I noticed that the radiation machine sometimes forms a face -- something like:

(Thinking about something?)

or this:

(Oh... cheer up! Maybe it's the masks - I would freak out too)

A little anthropomorphism I guess, but the first time I noticed it, it had a smile - I swear. I didn't have my camera.

When they're done with my session, the little gaps are all over the place and don't look like a face at all, so these pictures are what it looks like after whoever went before me had a session. Of course, I can only take the picture when I'm not actively getting the treatment. If I do get another smiley face, I'll post -- otherwise, this is that least you'll see of radiation buddy

Love you all!

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