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2019-05-9 00:37:34 UTC 2019-05-09 00:37 UTC

josh:  Hello

I had an appointment with my neuro-oncologist today, and we talked about the MRI that I had on Monday. She said that it does look like cancer (so, probably also GBM, I suppose) in the right temporal lobe - a third tumor, that is, sort of opposite from the location of the first one.

I had read the report yesterday and sort of saw it coming - the report said:

"There is interval development of linear foci of enhancement in the right temporal lobe abutting the wall of the right lateral (series 8 images 91, 94). Also noted is interval prominence of the linear focus of enhancement within the right temporal lobe (series 8 image 86)."

(but what does that mean? haha)

Here's a picture:

The sort of white things would be the cancer - again, I'm showing a 2d slice of what's best reviewed in 3d. What's different about this one is that it's not as focused as the others, and is sort of spread out. She mentioned that this would make it less of a candidate for surgery.

It's still really small, and it seems symptomless at this point. Based on my experience with the first tumor, that won't last. But really, who knows what to expect? I'm still right handed, so we're no longer in the dominant side of the brain. It has been on my to-do list to describe the symptoms of the first tumor (left temporal lobe) in a blog post, but I was also hoping I could just forget about them.

This is pretty rapid moving stuff - it took maybe 4 months for the 2nd tumor to show up after the first, and merely 3 weeks for the 3rd after the second. She had mentioned that for some reason, it's more aggressive than what they normally see.

Again, not great news, but I'm feeling good and looking forward to lots more great days. Also, I'm starting to read more about alternative treatments and things like that.

I remember reading that when you have GBM on both sides of the brain, there's a different name for it (something-else-oma), but I'm having a hard time finding it again.

I'll be meeting with my radiation oncologist next week to discuss plans in that area - she's still working on the radiation strategy for the area of the second tumor, and it may be that the best initial treatment for the third tumor is also radiation based (i.e., maybe "gamma knife" for both). I'll post an update when I get more information - that will be a week from now.

edit: I found out two things today (Friday, May 10): 1) my radiation appointments are cancelled - I can get more information as to why next week, but I'm assuming it's because they're thinking it's not doable with the third tumor being there, and 2) the official name for what I have is "Multifocal Glioblastoma" -- really that's been true since I got the second tumor.

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