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2019-04-29 22:50:23 UTC 2019-04-29 22:50 UTC

josh:  Checking in...

I started a new chemo plan last night - the generic name of it is lomustine. I took 200mg -- 2 100mg pills, following a half hour after some stuff that keeps you from throwing up called something like ondansetron. As expected, the side effects of the anti-nausea pill (mild fatigue and dizziness) are worse than the side-effects of the chemo, but that should be over soon. I'm thinking the chemo side-effects will be negligible. [edit: that lomustine is a spicy meatball! But a few days later, things seems to be getting better]

If I stay on this plan, I won't take the next pills for 60 days, I think.

I was going to wait until the day before my next radiation treatment plan started to take these chemo pills, but since we're waiting for better information before they complete the radiation plan, we decided to start chemo now.

Scheduled for another MRI next week - I think they'll complete the radiation plan soon after that, I'll post about what it is.

I got a copy of my April 15 MRI, and I can't even find the new thing they're thinking about -- must not be a huge deal, haha. Next time I go in, I'll ask them to show me where it is on their copy, and this time I'll pay attention so that I can post here.

Feeling good! Hope you are too.

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