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2019-04-5 21:53:57 UTC 2019-04-05 21:53 UTC

josh:  greetings! I'm running out of quick ways to start a blog post, I might need some training.

I got a little news on my treatment plan. My radiation oncologist called to say that the tumor regions were maybe too close to proceed with focal radiation around the new tumor, but they will be able to make a better call on that in a week or two. She talked about other possible approaches, but I won't know where it goes until there has been some more time and discussion among the doctors. I'll post then.

In the meantime, we started with a family support group at the hospital that will meet weekly, and I think we have a lot we can learn from that process. I had just never really thought about the best way to handle a cancer thing going on in the family. It's (sadly) far from uncommon, of course, so we will pay attention in the meetings.

The family aspect is yet another reason that focusing on today -- the time that is *now* and getting the most out of it is crazy important.

A few days ago hanging out with an old friend, I played a song I had worked on with Chris Lively. When sitting in the class, I remembered the song again. Chris wrote this one quickly. The production is pretty simple and the song is beautiful. That incredible steel guitar player is back for this one.

If you want to hear my contribution, you really need to wear good headphones or use good speakers. I was all about the mix and the spacial aspects of the song, but most of that gets eaten alive by a cellphone speaker or earbuds. That said, my work is *not* required to enjoy the song.

Like the other songs I've talked about working on, my thoughts were clinical, and I made no effort to think of the song in a personal context. At the family group, context filled in, and I could hear Chris singing about appreciating and making the most out of the time we have with the people we love -- it was not promised. Makes sense to me now! Have a listen:

Chris Lively - Distance - Taking Time (blog mix):

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