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2019-03-29 00:16:21 UTC 2019-03-30 19:43 UTC

josh:  Update Hello! The weather is great in Texas.

I'm feeling very good today - I've been back home and working for a few days now, and the impact of the steriods I'm taking from the second (excellently performed) brain surgery I had a week ago is less annoying that I was expecting.

I have follow up appointments with my doctors next week, and that's normally when they present me with the pathology report(s) that are based on the surgery. This time, though, I got a copy of the pathology report myself in advance. I knew I would not be able to understand all the details, but at a high level I can see what's going on. The new (second) tumor is definitely Glioblastoma Multiforme (ďGBMĒ) like the old one - the report I have doesn't drill down yet to the lower level analysis - the first tumor was IDHx wild-type, MGMT unmethylated, so this one probably is too. And they're not close together.

But let's wait! I'll post a more definitive status next week after I have meet with the doctors. Like last time, they probably will discuss my case in a group about tumor treatment plans, and I'll post about that too.

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