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2019-03-20 18:26:33 UTC 2019-03-20 18:26 UTC

josh:  hello everyone!

Today I have "pre-op" things going on - I got some "fiducials" sort of glued to different places on my head - this also happened with my last surgery in October. I got a MRI (among other tests) today with the fiducials in place. The images from the MRI will show (I think) the fiducials as well as the brain, so they'll help the surgeon. I seem to have temporarily lost my ability to take an acceptable selfie.

I got a short look at a small icon sized picture from the MRI on my way out - not enough to see much, but it did appear to me that the thing that gets removed hasn't changed in the last week -- I'm taking that as a win :)

Still a few more preparatory things to do, then surgery tomorrow.

Hopefully Jane can make updates to this blog topic - I haven't tested that for a while.

Thanks again!!! for all the kind thoughts and prayers and support through this

The weather in Houston is very nice, and I'm having a great day - hope you are too!

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