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2019-01-31 01:52:13 UTC 2019-01-31 01:52 UTC

josh:  hey everyone! My chemo vacation is sort of over, but at least now it's 5 days on and 23 days off. I just finished the first 5 day part. I take pills at night before I go to bed - they come in a bag like this:

Nothing foreboding about that...

The dosage is about twice what I was taking before, and so I feel it a little more (especially on day 5 ... glad it's over for a few weeks), but it's still not nearly as bad as I think some other types of chemotherapy drugs are. I heard there have been recent side-effect improvements on some of the worse ones, but I don't know anything specific.

The drug is called temozolomide or Temodar, and it has been in standard use for GBM since 2005 I think.

Wikipedia says "The therapeutic benefit of temozolomide depends on its ability to alkylate/methylate DNA" - not that I really know what that means, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, the pathology report for my GBM says that it's "MGMT: unmethylated". That unfortunately means that it's not really impacted by temozolomide (or any other chemo drug, I guess), but taking the drug anyway is part of the standard of care.

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