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2018-11-25 16:02:44 UTC 2018-11-25 16:02 UTC

josh:  quick update - hope you all have had a great weekend (and holiday weekend, if that applied). I'm close to halfway through my radiation protocol, and I'm finally losing some hair -- just about an inch of hair over my left ear, where they're focusing the most to get to the place where the tumor was. I'm not sure exactly what I'll do - it looks like the stupidest '80s dance music haircut you could imagine (and I know some of you can imagine stupider haircuts than others -- it's you I'm talking to). That is - matching the cut on the right side is not a good choice :)

I was doing great physically until I managed to catch a cold almost a week ago - that's a different experience when you're in chemo and radio therapy, which are affecting your immune system in odd ways. I think I'm almost over it -- I better be by tomorrow (going back to work). Overall, it wasn't as bad as I feared.

Hope you all are having a great day or night as the case may be!

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