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2018-10-31 23:35:02 UTC 2018-10-31 23:35 UTC

josh:  Happy Halloween! OK - maybe I'm waiting a little too long between updates, but it's true that not too much has happened since my last one (again -- good!). I am back at work, and the timing is good for that. We will likely get progressively busier as we approach the end of the year, which means this is an ideal time for me to get back in.

I had a brief scare due to a false positive test for tuberculosis (which meant I was definitely working from home for a couple days :) ), and it was a big relief to find out that I didn't actually have it. Even though I didn't have the awful symptoms, I couldn't get completely comfortable until we got the results of the second test and chest x-ray -- this because taking steroids and recovering from surgery has the effect of reducing the immune system. Plus, there was a news report of a TB infection in my city not too far from my house last week (hope that works out OK for the person who has it - there's someone else who could use some thoughts and prayers, to be sure). That's all behind me now. And I can still participate in the clinical trial I signed up for -- likely I would not have been allowed to do that if I actually had TB.

I will be starting radiation and chemo therapy, as well as the trial, on Monday. I was a little anxious about these (particularly the radiation) some time ago, but I've become much more comfortable as I read more about them. No one can be sure what to expect from the trial, but they let me know that I can quit at any time, so no worries there either.

Once again - thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, and support!!!!

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