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2018-10-11 12:19:38 UTC 2018-10-11 12:19 UTC

josh:  Coming along very well - starting to get back full brain function. Still taking the powerful steroids and other required pills, which are still amping me out quite a bit, but I can't complain. Yesterday was a great day, and I'm looking forward to today - I even got a couple hours of good sleep last night! (the healing from the surgery and the staples make it tough to just crash out - that will get better of course). I'm having some minor vision issues - I think mainly from lack of sleep and the healing. Hoping I'll get good vision back soon.

MD Anderson is still working on the analysis. I had no idea how complicated it would be to get to a final diagnosis, but it makes sense as I'm learning more. I'll be sure to update here when they finish, and then they'll have some ideas about what should happen next. I may be able to get involved with some clinical trials that could result in long term benefits (including dealing with recurrence in effective ways, and, who knows, an actual long term remission or even cure could be in the works at some point!) - they need to complete their diagnosis before thinking about which of those might be available of course.

Probably I will keep posting less frequently with these updates, because they're getting less interesting as time goes on (and that's good!). I will make a point to post real news, when I get it.

Thanks again everyone!!

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